Hï Ibiza

Officially Ibiza’s newest club, Hï Ibiza opened its doors in summer 2017 amid much fanfare, thanks largely to the fact it opened on the former site of the much-loved club, Space. That gave it some big boots to fill but it managed with aplomb, gaining new fans in their legions. Since then, Hï Ibiza has continued to unveil a host of internationally-acclaimed DJs as weekly residents who have all been lured by the state of the art club and its epic production, not to mention a combination of both EDM and underground sounds. The club is now under the control of the world-famous Ushuaïa Ibiza Group (who own the venue just across the road), so as ever, we can be sure they’ll bring prestigious top parties and a devotion to VIPs just as they have with their namesake venue. Ibiza’s brand new clubbing legacy begins here.
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It’s no secret that HÏ Ibiza had a big job to do when it first opened its doors. Space Ibiza was one of the island’s most loved clubs ever, and when it closed for the final time in 2016 there was much sadness from clubbers all across the world. News that a brand new club would be built on its foundations was met with scepticism at first – how could it ever match up? Would it be different enough? What would the music policy be? Rumour and speculation were rife in the lead up to its opening in 2017, but then once those gates were flung open, any concerns immediately subsided – even in its early stages it was clear that HÏ Ibiza was a completely different clubbing entity. It had its own vibe, its own idea of musical perfection, and an entirely different layout to boot.

Consequently, there are now two main rooms, the Theatre and the Club; both of which are completely transformed each and every night depending on the party. There’s also lots of outdoor space, including a garden full of towering, futuristic sculptures, as well as the club’s most famous feature – a disco toilet. Yes you read that right. This room boasts a DJ booth right in the heart of a restroom, which may sound odd but this room has one of the best atmospheres of any room in any club in all of the world. The music policy is forward-thinking, too. Last year, Black Coffee cemented a reputation as one of the best DJs on the planet thanks to his Saturday night slot. The club has also become the new home of Mr David Guetta, with both F*** Me Im Famous securing the Friday night slots. There’s no doubt that HÏ Ibiza has nothing left to prove and everything to gain. Watch this (new) space.

Distinguishing features: The aforementioned disco toilet (not to be missed), private VIP tepee tents, ridiculously slick production.

Most likely to: Spend all of your night in the toilet but for all the right reasons.

Least likely to: Fault the sound system.

Most iconic party: Glitterbox’s residency has been instrumental in ensuring HÏ Ibiza’s success. because who can resist all those shiny disco balls?


    Continuing its theme of snaring some of the island’s most popular parties, Hï Ibiza has swooped in to secure the allegiance of the RICHBITCH team, which initially made its name over at Privilege.…

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  • Bodyworks

    Taking the reins of the Tuesday slot at Hï Ibiza this summer are Solardo and CamelPhat — two duos already well acquainted with the Playa d’en Bossa club’s vibe, and newbie to…

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  • Armin Van Buuren

    King of trance, Armin van Buuren, returns to the White Isle with a 14-week residency at Ibiza’s newest superclub, Hï. He’ll be on island showcasing his peerless talent every Wednesday night from…

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  • Afterlife

    Hot on the heels of its blistering first season at Hï Ibiza, Afterlife – the party headed up by mysterious and moody techno duo Tale of Us. A collection of artists from…

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  • F*** Me I'm Famous

    Some of the biggest news of summer 2019 comes from French maestro David Guetta, who shook the clubbing world with the announcement that he’s flying his Pacha nest — home for almost…

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  • Black Coffee

    It’s a title that gets bandied around too often on the white isle but when we say it we mean it — Black Coffee is quite possibly the biggest and best DJ…

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  • Glitterbox

    After lipsmacking success at Hï Ibiza last summer, Glitterbox is back in 2019 in all its sparkly, kitsch, excellent glory. Famed for its authentic disco and house vibes, Glitterbox attracts a discerning…

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Hï Ibiza Opening Party- Odyssey

Perhaps it was only a matter of time before Playa d’en Bossa’s two clubbing behemoths joined forces for a round-the-clock showdown, nevertheless, the announcement that Ushuaïa Ibiza and Hï Ibiza would team up for an opening party under the name…

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Your Dancefloor Awaits..

The Taste team were absolutely brilliant!

Neev Spencer, (Kiss 100FM Presenter) VIP Weekend

I want to go back and do it all again.  I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Melanie Pomford, 40th Birthday

An amazing, astonishing, incredible and unforgettable experience!!!

Electra Niarchos & friends Winta, Carla, Annabel, Heloise, Naima, Oriana from Paris, France. July & September 2014

Thank you for organising my legendary Birthday weekend!

Maarten and Natalie Van Montfoort

Our wedding was so perfect and seamless!

Georgina Chapman, Burberry UK

always on time, no line-up, best tables, so essential for this busy island!

Marc André Bourdon, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Signature m.a.b.

Well done! We will definitely be using your services on every visit!

Melissa Craig, Executive Chef, Bearfoot Bistro, September 2010

No matter where you go on Ibiza island, all you have to say to get the gold star service is: I’M WITH ROY!

Eric Blanchard, Managing Director, RBC Capital, June & September 2010

a great support to the whole crew

Charlotte Martell, Renegade Pictures/BBC 2′s Don’t Tell The Bride, July 2011

finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing

Jen O’Kane, PA to Directors, Addiction Worldwide, September 2011

we want to keep you as our secret

Tom Bruno, CEO, Velocity Technology Solutions Inc, August 2012

I wanted the WOW factor and they certainly gave me that

Gemma Boner, Senior Press Officer, Topman, September 2012

Explore and enjoy the Real Taste of Ibiza!

Ahmed Hanafi, Chairman, The Eatery & Co. LLC , Egypt, August 2013