Equipment Rental (event furniture)

Until you’ve attempted to organise an event it’s hard to know how much effort goes into the backstage workings of it – it’s only when you’re neck deep into it that you realise how much there is to do! But the good news is there are always experts to bring in – the kind of people who’ve been there, done that, and seen it a thousand times before; the kind of people who can calm your fears and get you back on track in no time at all. Calling on us for our services is well worth every penny, because not only will we save you a lot of time and effort in the long run, but we’ll also be able to advise on the details that will make your event pop.


Take event furniture, for example. When picturing an event in your mind this perhaps isn’t an issue you thought you’d have to encounter, but as with any party, it’s the details that really matter, and that means that it’s an essential point to consider. Because you need something that’s functional – furniture that’s available for guests to sit, lounge and dance on, but also something that’s visually striking – furniture that fits and enhances the theme of the entire party. And of course, you have to consider the size of the event too – a party for hundreds of people will undoubtedly require more furniture to be specially brought in to the location, while more intimate gatherings may in fact need furniture removed, to be replaced by something that fills and adds drama to a space.


At the start, arranging every aspect of your event may seem like an overwhelming muddle, but you can rely on us to help and make recommendations where required. We’ve been organising events on Ibiza for almost two decades, which makes us some of the front runners to give you the best possible advice and take all of that stress away!

The Taste team were absolutely brilliant!

Neev Spencer, (Kiss 100FM Presenter) VIP Weekend

I want to go back and do it all again.  I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Melanie Pomford, 40th Birthday

An amazing, astonishing, incredible and unforgettable experience!!!

Electra Niarchos & friends Winta, Carla, Annabel, Heloise, Naima, Oriana from Paris, France. July & September 2014

Thank you for organising my legendary Birthday weekend!

Maarten and Natalie Van Montfoort

Our wedding was so perfect and seamless!

Georgina Chapman, Burberry UK

always on time, no line-up, best tables, so essential for this busy island!

Marc André Bourdon, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Signature m.a.b.

Well done! We will definitely be using your services on every visit!

Melissa Craig, Executive Chef, Bearfoot Bistro, September 2010

No matter where you go on Ibiza island, all you have to say to get the gold star service is: I’M WITH ROY!

Eric Blanchard, Managing Director, RBC Capital, June & September 2010

a great support to the whole crew

Charlotte Martell, Renegade Pictures/BBC 2′s Don’t Tell The Bride, July 2011

finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing

Jen O’Kane, PA to Directors, Addiction Worldwide, September 2011

we want to keep you as our secret

Tom Bruno, CEO, Velocity Technology Solutions Inc, August 2012

I wanted the WOW factor and they certainly gave me that

Gemma Boner, Senior Press Officer, Topman, September 2012

Explore and enjoy the Real Taste of Ibiza!

Ahmed Hanafi, Chairman, The Eatery & Co. LLC , Egypt, August 2013