Wedding Planning

If you’re looking at this page then we’re going to assume two things. 1. That you probably already know a fair bit about Ibiza and 2. You’re considering holding your special day here. But for the uninitiated, let us give you a little summary of what makes this particular Balearic rock so magnificent, and what it is in particular about this island that sees thousands of people from all over the world choose it as the location for their weddings each year.

For a start, there’s the landscape – Ibiza is breathtakingly beautiful at all times of year. From the crystal clear Mediterranean sea to the fine, golden sand, to the rolling, Pine-clad hills and the magical sunsets – everything about our island is picture perfect. And then there are all the stunning venues peppered across it, from luxe hotspots hidden in the campo to stylish beach clubs lining the shores to the best superclubs on the planet, we’re fortunate enough to have a smattering of everything here. Throw into the mix some top class gastronomy, world class mixologists and musicians, never-ending sunshine and an unbeatable joie de vivre shared by tourists and residents and it’s a recipe that’s hard to beat.

And the cherry on top? We like to think it’s us here at Taste Ibiza. We’ve been island residents for over two decades and that makes us highly-experienced experts who are best placed to help you organise and plan every single element of your wedding. Helping transform the flicker of an idea into a reality is what we do best and there’s nothing we get a bigger buzz from than working alongside clients and seeing our joint efforts come to a fruition with the kind of wedding that everyone goes on to remember forever. From intimate beach weddings to 3 day cliffside villa weddings, we can help arrange anything – large or small. And we take care of all the details, too. Location, venue, food, drinks, lighting, sound, music, setting – it all comes within our remit.

For us, creating a bespoke wedding plan is the dream because we get to work on something from start to finish. But if it’s only details you need help with, that’s fine as well – we’re happy to lend our services in whatever way benefits you, and we’ll only ever recommend what’s right for you. Have a look around our site, get a feel for what we do and then get in touch. We can build something special together, and there’s no better backdrop than Ibiza.

If you are a couple looking for help to plan your big day, then firstly- congratulations on your engagement. At Taste, we consider it an honour to assist in planning your big day – we take real pride in seeing your dreams become a realisation, and a huge amount of satisfaction from seeing you walk off into the famous Ibiza sunset hand in hand, having shared the best day of your lives. In the lead up to that moment, we can offer our services in one of four ways.

1. Personal Reservations Manager

without wedding day event manager

Use Taste Ibiza to lock in as many services as you need – we’ll be your booking agents for everything from cars to flowers to table decorators – but you take control of everything else yourself. Essentially, the day is organised by you, allowing you to be completely hands on.

2. Personal Reservations Manager

including wedding day event manager

The same as option one, in that we’ll book everything on your behalf and you will manage the organisation of the day yourself, but in this scenario, we provide an onsite manager on the day of the wedding to handle the logistics on your behalf, freeing you up to enjoy the fruits of your all your efforts. You’ll meet the event manager a couple of days before the wedding, talk them through your instructions and timelines and then on the day, they’ll ensure everything runs smoothly on your behalf.

3. Full wedding planning service

excluding reception

Ideal for couples who won’t spend much time on the island before the wedding and who are short on time; this option allows you to pass full responsibility of the organisation of the wedding over to us and in turn, we’ll plan every part of the day according to the specification and budget set by you.  This option normally applies when you’ve already chosen your reception venue (hotel or restaurant, for example) and it has its own in-house team organising that side of things on your behalf.

4. Full wedding planning service

including reception

Exactly the same as option three, but in this case we take control of everything because the reception venue is a villa or similar and you need the assistance of our team. We will provide suitable options of venues, suppliers and accommodation all to match your budget. We will work with our list of trusted suppliers to create every aspect of the wedding day (and pre/post celebrations if required) streamlining options and presenting to you in a concise and easy to understand manor. We will make sure that the budget is kept to and that everything is executed perfectly on the day.

Wedding Planning