Equipment Rental (event decor)

At Taste, we’re big believers in attention to detail. In fact, we’d say that’s a fundamental element in what makes the events that we help our clients to organise stand out. It may seem minor, but when things like drinks, entertainment, music and decor combine, they can collectively create something truly spectacular – and that’s what you want, for your guests to be wowed by the experience. With that in mind, it’s worth considering what decor you’d like as soon as you’ve found a venue, because in the ideal scenario, you want your guests to walk through the door and and immediately be transported to another world – somewhere they can lose their inhibitions and be swept straight up into the soul of the party.


Naturally, this involves more than just a few balloons and streamers. For spectacular visuals you need to employ highly-trained and creative experts, and fortunately we have entire teams of talented individuals who can take a spark of an idea and transform it into something magical – whether that’s in the form of a theme or simply enhancing the natural setting. And of course, this feeds into other elements of the event – a black tie event will have vastly different music, food and drink to a laid-back pool party, for example.


The important thing to remember is that it’s all about providing guests with something memorable, and that means making it a multi-sensory event. From the sights to the sounds to the tastes and the smells, every angle should be considered, and with the right experts in your corner, that becomes a much more simple task. You’d be amazed at how much difference the right colour palette can make to the vibe of a party, or how a bouquet of flowers can lift the mood or a room, or how a string of festoon lights strewn from one tree to the next can create an effortless sense of romanticism. These are all uncomplicated measures, but your theme can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Tell us what’s in your mind and we’ll help make it a reality.

The Taste team were absolutely brilliant!

Neev Spencer, (Kiss 100FM Presenter) VIP Weekend

I want to go back and do it all again.  I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Melanie Pomford, 40th Birthday

An amazing, astonishing, incredible and unforgettable experience!!!

Electra Niarchos & friends Winta, Carla, Annabel, Heloise, Naima, Oriana from Paris, France. July & September 2014

Thank you for organising my legendary Birthday weekend!

Maarten and Natalie Van Montfoort

Our wedding was so perfect and seamless!

Georgina Chapman, Burberry UK

always on time, no line-up, best tables, so essential for this busy island!

Marc André Bourdon, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Signature m.a.b.

Well done! We will definitely be using your services on every visit!

Melissa Craig, Executive Chef, Bearfoot Bistro, September 2010

No matter where you go on Ibiza island, all you have to say to get the gold star service is: I’M WITH ROY!

Eric Blanchard, Managing Director, RBC Capital, June & September 2010

a great support to the whole crew

Charlotte Martell, Renegade Pictures/BBC 2′s Don’t Tell The Bride, July 2011

finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing

Jen O’Kane, PA to Directors, Addiction Worldwide, September 2011

we want to keep you as our secret

Tom Bruno, CEO, Velocity Technology Solutions Inc, August 2012

I wanted the WOW factor and they certainly gave me that

Gemma Boner, Senior Press Officer, Topman, September 2012

Explore and enjoy the Real Taste of Ibiza!

Ahmed Hanafi, Chairman, The Eatery & Co. LLC , Egypt, August 2013