Equipment Rental (lighting)

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: the key to any successful event lies in the details. It’s when all the little elements combine that you can create something truly memorable, and it’s attention to detail that shows your guests you’ve got their best interests at heart. Every event should ignite a response from its guests as soon as they walk through the door, and that means making sure that everything is perfect – from the location to the food to the decor, and even the lighting. Because with the right lights and the right guests you can conjure the kind of ambience that will stay with people forever, and it’s then that you know you’ve really hit the party jackpot.


Naturally, our lighting specialists are each specially trained in their own fields, and each an expert in how to build an atmosphere that really resonates. It goes without saying that the lighting you choose should be governed by the kind of party you’re throwing – a wedding will have very different requirements to a team building event, for example – but with trained experts on your side, you can select the lighting that fits your party best, and in the process create something completely unique.


A helpful exercise in choosing what to go for is to strip your event back to its bare bones – what’s the purpose of it and how do you want people to feel? At a wedding, you want to evoke a sense of romanticism so fairylights strung between trees and candles atop tables are an obvious choice. If you’re hosting a conference of sorts, it’s likely you’ll need spotlights – something to frame the speaker when they take centre stage. And if you just happen to be throwing a party in a stunning location, it’s a great idea to highlight the grounds in a range of beautiful colours that add depth, drama and warmth to the setting.


And of course, lighting is to music what crackers are to cheese – they’re the dream team of events. If you’ve got a live DJ then without question, you’ll need a lights and lasers set up. What’s the point of a drop if not marked by strobes? The good news is that not only can we advise on what’s best, we will also come to the venue, set it up and then when you’re done, take it all away again. It couldn’t be simpler so it’s well worth setting aside some time to get it right. 

The Taste team were absolutely brilliant!

Neev Spencer, (Kiss 100FM Presenter) VIP Weekend

I want to go back and do it all again.  I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Melanie Pomford, 40th Birthday

An amazing, astonishing, incredible and unforgettable experience!!!

Electra Niarchos & friends Winta, Carla, Annabel, Heloise, Naima, Oriana from Paris, France. July & September 2014

Thank you for organising my legendary Birthday weekend!

Maarten and Natalie Van Montfoort

Our wedding was so perfect and seamless!

Georgina Chapman, Burberry UK

always on time, no line-up, best tables, so essential for this busy island!

Marc André Bourdon, Real Estate Broker, RE/MAX Signature m.a.b.

Well done! We will definitely be using your services on every visit!

Melissa Craig, Executive Chef, Bearfoot Bistro, September 2010

No matter where you go on Ibiza island, all you have to say to get the gold star service is: I’M WITH ROY!

Eric Blanchard, Managing Director, RBC Capital, June & September 2010

a great support to the whole crew

Charlotte Martell, Renegade Pictures/BBC 2′s Don’t Tell The Bride, July 2011

finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing

Jen O’Kane, PA to Directors, Addiction Worldwide, September 2011

we want to keep you as our secret

Tom Bruno, CEO, Velocity Technology Solutions Inc, August 2012

I wanted the WOW factor and they certainly gave me that

Gemma Boner, Senior Press Officer, Topman, September 2012

Explore and enjoy the Real Taste of Ibiza!

Ahmed Hanafi, Chairman, The Eatery & Co. LLC , Egypt, August 2013