Sound Equipment

It’s no secret that we associate certain times in our lives with music. Think back on something important that’s happened to you in the past and more than likely there’s a song that helps trigger the memory; a riff that tugs at your heart strings or makes you smile. That’s because our brains are intrinsically linked to respond to music – it makes us happy, sad, boisterous, relaxed and occasionally all-out insane (in the best possible way). That’s why the music you curate for any event is such a pivotal part of its success – it paves the way for everyone to get up and dance rather than sit around looking bored, it defines whether people remember this party as one of the best they’ve ever attended.

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Luckily, if you’re holding an event on the white isle then you’re already halfway there when it comes to music. And for the few that don’t already know, let us indulge you – Ibiza is the party capital of the world and we’re fortunate to have some of the most talented DJs and musicians on the planet residing on these shores. That means that we’ve got the best of the best on speed dial, which in turn makes it a piece of cake for you to put together the kind of soundtrack that’ll leave your guests with a spring in their step, bump in their grind, and hairs standing on end.

For example, we can deliver the correct sound system for your requirements. Whether it’s a small, intimate gathering or a full-scale party for hundreds, we’ll make sure that the sound at your shindig is crystal clear, with engineers who’ll install high-tech sound system and speakers before the event, check everything’s in working order before it all kicks off, and then come back when the party’s over to clear it all away. And that’s not just the case for music, if you’ve got some important speeches to broadcast (father of the bride, anyone?), the same deal applies.

And then there’s an extra layer of service available for those who know what ambience they want to create but sadly don’t have the DJ skills to conjure it to life because we can help on that front too. We can provide the island’s best and most loved DJs, so describe to us what you’re looking for and we’ll have magicked your perfect DJ match into existence before you can whisper hey presto. Cos that’s just what we do.

Cdj 2000nxs2 Angle

Djm 900nxs2 Angle


The industry standard package:

• 2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 Nexus MK2 

• 1 x Pioneer DJM900 Nexus MK2 Mixer

• 2 x RCF Art 525’s 750W Active Speakers

• 1 x KRK RP8 RoKit G3 Monitor

• 1 x Glorious GigBar White DJ Booth

• Perfect sound quality for up to 200 guests


• Package includes:

• Speaker stands, cables and table

• Delivery, installation and collection

Sound Equipment

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Explore and enjoy the Real Taste of Ibiza!

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