No matter where you go on Ibiza island, all you have to say to get the gold star service is: I’M WITH ROY!

I was in Ibiza twice last summer with groups of 8 to 30 people. Needless to say that getting tables, VIP, sunbeds or dinner reservations would have been impossible without the contacts of Taste Ibiza. Roy and Juliette are so connected that they even managed to book us the best table in the VIP at the Cocoon Closing Party only hours before it started while we were partying at DC10. Everywhere we went, we were treated like rock stars. It didn’t matter if it was a fancy restaurant, a beach club or a night club, in every venue we were known as Roy’s group and given the best attention. Juliette found us great affordable villas in June and September with all the amenities needed. They even took care of the DJ’s and entertainment at the villa for the carry-ons. You could not get a better concierge service. Don’t miss out on the Ibiza experience. Let Taste Ibiza take care of you.

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