#14: Ibiza’s Famous Boat Parties

What is life if not an excuse to daydream? And what is the point of daydreaming if it’s not entirely centred around spending summer in Ibiza, where the sun always shines, the sea is moody blue, and you can forget all about the drudgery of the daily grind. Those of you well versed in daydreaming will no doubt have thought long and very hard about Ibiza – what it will feel like when you’ve finally got that much deserved cocktail in your hand, how the sun will feel beating down on your face, and importantly, what boat party you’re going to sail into the horizon on – because no trip to Ibiza is complete with a dance atop the Mediterranean waves.

Boat Party 2

These days, boat parties an equally important element of the Ibiza music scene as clubs. A day spent at sea serves as the perfect warm up for the dancefloor, with the added bonus of living life like a bona fide VIP for a few hours – champagne in hand, banging tunes belting from the speakers courtesy of a world-class DJ. As a result, lots of different boat parties have sprung up, each of them offering different scenarios in which to get your boat on, all of them guaranteeing the ride of your life. Here are just a few you can choose from. You can, of course, contact us directly for more information and discounts for them all.

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Beautiful People

One of the most popular boat trips on the island, and with reason. Those who climb aboard with Beautiful People have access to unlimited top quality drinks (premium brands only), snacks and a variety of watersports, so that when it gets too hot on deck, you can dive below the crystal-clear Med and cool off beneath the waves. You can also crank the experience up a level by investing in a premium ticket, which includes a bottle of premium spirits between two people and a tray of sushi, among other things. La di dah.

Pukka Up

Pukka Up

If you’re into boat parties then you’ve almost definitely already heard of Pukka Up. One of the originators of the current boat party scene, with a Pukka Up ticket not only do you get access to one of the most raucous boat parties in Ibiza, you also have tickets to additional events included in the price. They sail twice weekly, so on Tuesdays you can head to Together at Amnesia once you’re back on dry land, while on Saturdays the partying continues at Tropical Wonderland at Eden. The truly hardcore keep partying through to the next day, with entrance to HotBed at Ocean Beach and Cuckoo Land at Ibiza Rocks respectively, also included.

Noah Ark Boat Project Ibiza 1

Noah’s Ark by the Zoo Project

Been dying to unlease your inner spirit animal? This is the boat party for you. Noah’s Ark is the official pre-party for the much lusted after Zoo Project at Benimussa Park, and it attracts a wild, up-for-anything crowd as a result. Expect the soundtrack to be underground focused – much like at the Zoo Project itself – and prepare yourselves for mind-bending performances from the Zoo acrobats, who’ll contort themselves into posititions that fittingly, you never thought would be possible for a human. Two free drinks and snacks are included in the price, because no one wants to see a lion when it’s hungry.


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