#21 – Where’s The Afterparty?!

Ibiza is known for many things – its ridiculously excellent superclubs, tear-inducing sunsets, and a dedication to hedonism not seen anywhere else in the world – we’re all particularly proud of that one. Then of course you’ve got its famous sun-drenched days, sparkling blue seas and an up-for-it crowd who descend each and every summer in search of Good Times. But what a lot of people don’t know is that there’s more to the brilliance of Ibiza than even this, and to discover it, you need insider information, the kind that mere mortals would kill for. Ideally what you need is someone who can fill you in on the secret happenings that take place on the island each and every day, someone who can point you in the direction of the nearest after party with enthusiastic vigour.  Step forward your friends at Taste Ibiza.

But first, let us paint a little picture for you. You’ve spent all night stomping till your heart’s content on a dancefloor illuminated by lasers and soundtracked by one of the world’s biggest DJs. The smile on your face stretches from ear to ear and you think – though you can’t be sure because everything is a little confusing right now – that this is the happiest you can ever remember being. Then suddenly, before you know it, light is streaming in through the windows and the beat has slowed. You’re being told to wave goodbye to the best night of you life and head home. Except you don’t want to. You want to continue this – the dancing – well into the rest of the day, because you’re on holiday, and because you deserve it. And because, damn it, you owe it to the world. Not only that, but you’re pretty sure you can vaguely recall whispers of an afterparty when you were busting out your Justin Timberlake moves last night. You decide there and then that you must find this after party. It will be your lasting gift to your loved ones, the moment that will define the rest of your life. You will go down in history! It will be glorious! It is the right thing to do! But now what? How do you find it?

We can sniff out an after party on your behalf from miles away. As you might have guessed, after parties are pretty exclusive, so while you may have grand intentions to just rock up and try your luck, the sad reality is if your name’s not down, you’re not going in. After parties are notoriously hard to find and the address is only revealed at the very last minute. So you may well have snared yourself guestlist, but like every other clubber desperate to keep the dream alive, you’ve absolutely no idea how to get there….but we do!

So what can you expect when you get there? Everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more, amigos. There’s a reason Ibiza after parties are the stuff of legend. More often than not you’ll be in a ridiculous location (and we can help you find it) – think a cave in a forest, a spectacular villa, a beachside paradise; surrounded by beautiful people and all the drinks you can muster for free. Sometimes there’s even a spread put on to give you sustenance to keep going, and always, always, there’s a world-class DJ in attendance – Solomun, Dixon and Seth Troxler all love a bit of afters action. They’ll play a few tunes on a Funktion One sound system, you’ll dance till you’re dizzy, and then somehow, come morning, you’ll have made at least 100 new mates and clubbing memories you’ll never forget. And then the rest we’ll leave to your imagination, because after parties are laws unto themselves and thus, impossible to predict. Plus mystery is a seminal part of their enduring appeal. Just remember this – if we can help you get there, we will. The rest is down to you.