we want to keep you as our secret

Barbi and I arrived back in NY last evening – smiling and relaxed after a much needed holiday. We are so pleased we connected with you early in our planning, as we are sure that our few days in Ibiza would have been far less entertaining. You two are so very pleasant and good natured that we are sad we were not able to spend more time with you just socializing. You are also very professional and talented concierge and booking representatives. We were astounded by your responsiveness, diligence, knowledge, instructiveness, and capabilities. We had a truly fun and wild time on Ibiza thanks to you.
Everything you arranged worked out perfectly! The hotel was a WOW. The restaurants were amazing (for both food and scene). The Blue Marlin was simply beautiful. The yacht you arranged to Formetera was a very sexy ride. And last but not least, you made access to the parties simple and effortless—the parties themselves defy explanation in words (and are probably best left as an undocumented memory).
We are so impressed with you both that we find ourselves conflicted. On one-hand, we want to recommend Taste Ibiza to every person with which we come in contact. On the other, we want to keep you as our secret so that when we visit next year, we will have you all to ourselves. Seriously, we both would be willing to serve as a reference (not that you need it) to anyone who asked.
Thank you for making our stay on Ibiza so memorable!!

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