finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing

As a PA charged with the task of sending the boss and 20 clients to Ibiza on a networking trip over the closing weekend, finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing and made my life so much easier! Juliette managed to find a wonderful property to sleep them all individually, which was a miracle (I’d already been looking for about 6 weeks before I thankfully stumbled upon TI!) and Roy took special care of each and every one of the guests – they came back singing his praises. He was very patient with me when plans and budgets were changing all the time, and he was an absolute star pointing out the best places to go and things to do in Ibiza. When I said we needed to throw a BBQ at the villa, he found me a butcher with the best meat and marinades, when we needed a beach session, he found me 20 VIP beds; nothing was too much trouble. I will not hesitate to use Taste Ibiza again in the future. Thanks Roy and Juliette!

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