#31- Our Health & Beauty top pics

It is an unspoken rule of life that on holiday in Ibiza, thou shalt do as little as possible. It starts from the moment you step on the plane, continues

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#30- 2019 Closing Parties- part 2

As the old saying goes, all good things must come to an end, and that’s where we find ourselves — staring into winter abyss with just the memories of summer

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#29- 2019 Closing Parties- Part 1

Can we all just take a moment to appreciate the wonder that has been Ibiza 2019? The year Marco Carola deflected to Pacha; the year David Guetta hopped to HÏ

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Ibiza Bay

#28- Time to Burn

It’s fair to say that in most places in the world, having time to kill either before check in or after check out can be a nightmare. Because what it

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AJP 6318

#27- Exploring the Ibizan coastline

To really get to know an island you have to take to the water. Because from here, all the intricacies of a coastline that’s thousands of years old becomes clear.

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#26- Our top Summer parties

Every year, a slew of new parties is announced on Ibiza and often met with as much trepidation as excitement — on an island brimming with world class clubbing it’s

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Music On

#25- The changes on the horizon in 2019

Much like a giant who in winter retreats to the confines of a cave and then doesn’t rise again till springtime, Ibiza is beginning to stir. As the temperature climbs

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#24- Going out with a BANG!

October tends to be a blissful time on the island. Basking in the first flushes of autumn, it appears a completely different place to just a few months previous. The

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VIP tables ibiza Celebrations

#23- Here come the closings!!

Another summer has whizzed past in a flash, and would you believe it, here we are again talking about this season’s most monumental closing parties. It’s always a strange time

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Ibiza Town

#22 – 5 Ibiza town restaurants you should know about

It’s no secret that Ibiza has become one of the world’s most extravagant gastronomic hotspots. Foodies flock here in their droves because the white isle offers something for everyone –

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#20 – Radio 1 Weekend 2018

On an island where every day of the week is super charged with sunshine, incredible DJs and some of the most famous dance floors on the planet, sometimes parties can

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IMG 2688

#19 – Celebrating a Milestone Birthday

Ibiza hasn’t developed a reputation as the home of hedonism for nothing – this diminutive island in the middle of the Med may be small, but it sure knows how

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10 The Wolf Of Wall Street

#18- Living The High Life!

It’s no secret that Ibiza has changed in the past decade. The unbridled hedonism of the ‘80s and ‘90s certainly hasn’t disappeared, but it’s true, you have to look a

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Quiz Bloggers

#17- Quiz Clothing, Bloggers Paradise!

Here in Ibiza it’s a given that you need to be a jack of all trades – having multi-faceted skills gets you a long way on this island! It also

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#16- Ibiza Opening Parties 2018

It feels like yesterday that we were wrapped up in scarves and hats and Santa was emptying his sleigh, and yet here we are, teetering on the edge of a

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#15- Ibiza Closing Parties Part 2

Amnesia Rumour has it that this bad boy is set to be Amnesia’s biggest and best yet, and while lots of details have already been confirmed, don’t be surprised if

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Boat Party

#14: Ibiza’s Famous Boat Parties

What is life if not an excuse to daydream? And what is the point of daydreaming if it’s not entirely centred around spending summer in Ibiza, where the sun always

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#13: Ibiza Closing Parties Part 1

Having seemingly only just heralded the start of summer, it’s quite hard to get your head round the fact that already (already!) the closing parties are knocking firmly on our

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#12: Ibiza’s Top Musicians

Ibiza has, and always will be, a haven for all kinds of international talent. That’s why you lot flock here in your droves each and every summer, and why there

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Radio 1 Weekend Ibiza 2020

Every weekend on the White Isle is a big one; actually if we’re being specific, every day on the White Isle is a big one. But the big daddy of

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Screen Shot 2017 07 18 At 15 38 55

#10: The Chapman Wedding

In the early days of summer 2017 it was our honour to arrange the beautiful wedding day of Georgie and Guy. It started with a Skype call and went from

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Screen Shot 2017 07 05 At 13 48 28

#9: Bondi Sands Product Launch

Once summer in Ibiza is in full flow it becomes a hub for all kinds of events. From weddings to restaurant openings to fashion shows, there are a range of

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#8: The Summer Has Landed

Somehow, in among going to work, sleeping, occasionally eating, and whatever it else it is you do to fill your time, we find ourselves already in the midst of Ibiza

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Just Smile 6

#7: Riding the Waves on the Sunseeker Predator 82

It’s quite possible that a lot of you have made it through life without knowing what a Sunseeker Predator 82 is, and that’s quite alright, we won’t judge you –

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Here on Ibiza there are some sure fire signs that summer is inching ever closer. The temperature’s rising, the island is filling and and there’s more club news on a

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For many, Ibiza is a place to make a beeline for in summer – the sunshine, the parties, the buzz – all of it combined makes for one of the

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Crikey, what a summer it’s already shaping up to be. We’ve got brand new club Hï to get to grips with, Carl Cox has confirmed he’ll be back, albeit on

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#3: A beach club for everyone

No trip to the White Isle is complete without a day spent at the beach, dancing with sand nestled between your toes and the sun beaming down from a bright

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#2: The ever-changing Ibiza club scene

  We say the same thing every year, but this year, the season really does seem to have started early. Club announcements for 2017 have been coming thick and fast

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#1: We’re ready, are you?

It seems like only yesterday that we waved goodbye to summer 2016 – undoubtedly one of Ibiza’s biggest and best ever – and yet here we are, standing on the

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Exceeded all of our expectations

Dallas Lee Honeymoon 2023

The processes from one event to the next were flawless

Ollie Manlow Incentive Trip 2022

They delivered a trip of a lifetime

Shannon & Simon Honeymoon 2022

Amazing organisation from beginning to end

Michele Saul, Birthday weekend, 2019

Everything was arranged perfectly

Delia Nixon, Hen party weekend, 2019

TASTE IBIZA is exactly what a high end concierge service is all about

Ashley Milton, 50th Birthday party weekend, 2019

I would recommend to everyone

Jessica Evans, group holiday, 2019

These guys are the real deal- their service is 10/10

Sammy Mayes, holiday visit, 2019

Five Stars across the board!

Brett Hunchak, annual holiday, 2018

Roy nailed every single suggestion and recommendation

Claire Pickthall, 40th birthday celebration, 2018

The organisation and flexibility we experienced was 5 star

Chris Morrisey, team incentive trip, 2018

I want to go back and do it all again.  I wouldn’t change a single thing!

Melanie Pomford, 40th Birthday, 2018

The Taste team were absolutely brilliant!

Neev Spencer, (Kiss 100FM Presenter) VIP Weekend, 2018

Would highly recommend to anyone

Daniele Gardner, wedding, 2017

Would definitely recommend them

Ian Fraser, holiday, 2017

Faultless experience

Ollie Butcher, group holiday, 2017

Everything went seamlessly

Dale Ann Ord, holiday, 2017

Nothing was too much trouble

Helen Pattinson, holiday, 2017

The service was first class

Jonathan Allen, Stag party, 2017

It was all down to your team!!

Ryan Brady Stag Sept 2018

My concierge of choice

Kirk Luchman, holiday, 2016

Absolutely amazing service!

Nikki Beaumont, Hen party weekend, 2016

Thank you for organising my legendary Birthday weekend!

Maarten and Natalie Van Montfoort, 40th birthday, 2015

Our wedding was so perfect and seamless!

Georgina Chapman, Wedding, 2015

An amazing, astonishing, incredible and unforgettable experience!!!

Electra Niarchos & friends Winta, Carla, Annabel, Heloise, Naima, Oriana from Paris, France. July & September 2014

always on time, no line-up, best tables, so essential for this busy island!

Marc André Bourdon, VIP holiday, 2013

Explore and enjoy the Real Taste of Ibiza!

Ahmed Hanafi, Chairman, The Eatery & Co. LLC , Egypt, August 2013

we want to keep you as our secret

Tom Bruno, CEO, Velocity Technology Solutions Inc, August 2012

I wanted the WOW factor and they certainly gave me that

Gemma Boner, Senior Press Officer, Topman, September 2012

finding Taste Ibiza was a blessing

Jen O’Kane, PA to Directors, Addiction Worldwide, September 2011

a great support to the whole crew

Charlotte Martell, Renegade Pictures/BBC 2′s Don’t Tell The Bride, July 2011

Well done! We will definitely be using your services on every visit!

Melissa Craig, Executive Chef, Bearfoot Bistro, September 2010

No matter where you go on Ibiza island, all you have to say to get the gold star service is: I’M WITH ROY!

Eric Blanchard, Managing Director, RBC Capital, June & September 2010