#31- Our Health & Beauty top pics

It is an unspoken rule of life that on holiday in Ibiza, thou shalt do as little as possible. It starts from the moment you step on the plane, continues when you get to your hotel, and is cemented as soon as you recline on that long-awaited sun lounger next to the pool. It’s official, from this moment on, it’s your responsibility to do absolutely nothing; nada; zilch. Because now it’s time for other people to bring you food, to carry your bags, and to deliver ice-cold cocktails to your sun bed and you should feel absolutely no guilt about this — after all, you’ve earned it.

So, once those baby steps have been taken and you’re entirely, totally and completely in a state of holiday relaxation, the next logical thing to do is to take that blissed out feeling one step further. Because while your everyday needs are already being taken care of, it’s also worth splashing out on a little bit of pampering. Self indulgence is a necessity when you’re on holiday, and on Ibiza there are plenty of people on hand to make sure that you’re doing it properly. And trust us, spend an hour in the company of these pros and before you know it life at home will be a distant memory.

20180928 DSC01114 Edit Lukasz Rucinski Copy Take Massage Beach Ibiza, for instance. A team of mobile experts specialising in massage and beauty treatments, these guys pop up in the right place, and the right time, exactly when you need them. Stationed at spas, hotels and beaches across the island, they’re more than likely already available at your hotel, but if not, they’ll be stationed at one close by.  So call on them for a pre-clubbing pamper session, a post-clubbing relaxing massage (otherwise known as a miracle hangover cure), or simply because it’s rare that you get to spend quality time with friends and family, and this is the ideal way to go about it. We promise you’ll leave a session with this lot looking and feeling better than ever.

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For an additional confidence boost, there are a whole bunch of experts we dial in our hour of need. The talented girls at Blow Out Ibiza are our hair stylists of choice, particularly when it comes to very special occasions like weddings and parties, though to be honest they are equally as brilliant when it comes to delivering the perfect blow dry before a big night out.  

For a super glam festival look, we always turn to In Your Dreams Ibiza, a team of artists who transform face and body into glitzy glitter canvases. These guys are experts in creating the perfect look for any of Ibiza’s many daytime fiestas — so channel your inner butterfly, roar like a tiger, or simply dive into the glitterbox — we guarantee you won’t regret it, and you’ll have plenty of photos for Instagram in the morning.


And when all the excitement of the night before has passed and all you need is a little pick me up, we get in touch with the highly-trained therapists at Ibiza Balance, who come to your hotel room or villa and bring reviving vitamin drips with them. Hooked up to one of these, you’ll feel right as rain in no time. And if that still doesn’t do the business, just ask them for one of their impressive facials — at least your skin will be glowing.

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 So get stuck in to proper holiday relaxation and let Ibiza’s best beauty and wellness experts look after you. You’re only here for a short time you may as well act like the princess you really are, and be totally shameless about it.