#12: Ibiza’s Top Musicians

Ibiza has, and always will be, a haven for all kinds of international talent. That’s why you lot flock here in your droves each and every summer, and why there are more things to keep you busy on a balmy July night on the island than there is anywhere else in the world. On the White Isle we’re inundated with DJs, musicians, dancers, acrobats, magicians and performers, to name a few. Such is the wealth of options, in fact, that deciding what we see and do is a tough job. Still, as far as problems go, that’s a nice one to be faced with really, isn’t it?

With a reputation for being the nightlife capital of the world, Ibiza welcomes new artists with open arms, always keen to give future superstars the crack they deserve at the big time. And luckily for us, that we means we get to see them in action, honing their craft. Below we take a look at some of the standout acts of this summer, and we recommend you catch them all now while you can.

ibiza house orchestra

Ibiza House Orchestra

You might think that hearing a bunch of ‘90s dance anthems played by a classical orchestra is a strange concept, but trust us on this one, these guys will blow your mind. Ibiza House Orchestra is a band of 14 phenomenally talented musicians who come together on stage to whisk you back in time to the good ol’ days. They play riffs that rouse, bass that rebounds and a selection of euphoric tunes from dance music’s glory years that leave you powerless to stop your arms waving around in the air like a loon. Whether it’s a beach club, a bar or a private villa, these guys put on one of the most exciting live shows on the island. Not to be missed.


Acoustic Duo Wedding Ohlala Ibiza 3

Oh La La

This desirable duo is made up of singer Joëlle Vierling and her guitar playing, singing partner, Claire Wakeman. Between them they come together to produce the kind of acoustic awesomeness that’s as bewitching as it is relaxing. They’ve built their reputation over the past three years playing at some of the island’s most revered venues, and now they’ve secured their own residency at Salvia, the exclusive restaurant at Ca Na Xica. Joëlle’s husky tones combined with Claire’s stunning harmonies is a match made in musical heaven, and the girls’ ability to create a magical vibe is unrivalled. As well as Salvia, catch them performing at weddings, Gitano in Santa Gertrudis and other venues across the island.




By no means a newcomer to the scene, Francisco has been a pillar on the White Isle’s flamenco scene for years. Born in Granada, Spain, flamenco runs through Francisco’s veins, translating to spirited, moving performances in which his passion is palpable. He performs solo, with his band, Kaliche, and a troupe of beguiling flamenco dancers, as well as bringing his own unique ‘flamenco fusion’ to the stage alongside fire and light shows and stunning aerial acrobatics. Needless to say, the intensity of his appearances are well-known – there’s little more inspiring than a man passionate about his craft.


Musical Mermaids

All of us have dreamed of being a mermaid at some point or other, but rather than keep it as a dream, this trio of talented ladies made it a reality. Making heavenly harmonies as they lie by the pool looking otherworldly – all sparkly eyes and glittery tails – these three lull you into a state of hypnosis with their magical renditions of pop classics. With performances in various places across the world under their belt, this summer has seen them soar on the Ibiza stage, with each scintillating performance securing their name as a must-have for one-of-a-kind events. Unsurprisingly, that makes them extremely popular for weddings and parties, which they attend with a dress-up box in tow, so everyone can get involved.


There you have it, just four of the hottest acts on the block in Ibiza this summer, each of which would make any event you’re throwing all the more spectacular. Whether it’s a wedding, a party, a barbeque or a corporate gig, let us arrange the acts that will bring an added little dose of pizzazz to proceedings. We’ve got the contacts to ensure your event is one to remember.

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